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Education Cleaning

Cleaning your school, college, university, and nursery can be arduous, but there's a solution!
Choose Snappyclean for top-notch education facility cleaning services that will make your institution shine.
Benefit from our extensive experience in servicing various educational establishments. We possess exceptional expertise and utilize advanced equipment to ensure your establishment remains immaculate, bolstering its reputation and attracting potential students.
Our cleaning services are tailored to enhance your institution's cleanliness, health, and comfort. We prioritise using environmentally-friendly products and techniques to safeguard the planet while upholding high hygiene standards.
Our flexible scheduling allows us to work swiftly and efficiently, guaranteeing that your premises are maintained at the utmost level of cleanliness. By doing so, we aim to provide a positive and pleasant experience for your students, teachers, and staff.

Perfect for schools & nurseries

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Why Choose Us

Enhanced Vetting

We complete twice the amount of checks when we place cleaners in schools & educational facilities, along with a 5-year employment reference check.

Customer Support

Each client has the same cleaner and a dedicated customer account manager who can be contacted anytime. 

Fully Insured

We hold a fully comprehensive £10M public liability excess cover and Employers Insurance. 

Our Promise

    Risk Assessment
    Enhanced Screening & Vetting
    Workplace Accident/Incident Procedure
    In-house Quality Management System
    Health & Safety Management System 
    Bespoke Cleaning Checklists
    National Living Wage Guarantee

Keeping Your School Clean & Safe

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Deep Cleaning

Most common during half-term periods, so your classrooms are spotless when the students return!

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning carried out daily to ensure sanitisaion and decontamination.

Eco Cleaning

We try to avoid harsh chemicals when possible and prefer a carbon neutral approach,

Private Nurseries 

Private nurseries & pre-schools demonstrate a demanding and time-consuming work environment. Additionally, their typically spacious floorplans require considerable time for thorough cleaning. Especially with 20+ kids running around!
With our extensive experience, we're so confident in our ability that there's no need to sign a contract. Our professional school cleaning services create a more pleasant workplace for your staff and children, allowing them to direct their attention and focus on the students without concerns about cleaning duties.
Call us today for your free consultation on 0207 101 3506.

Colleges & Universities

Ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for students is of utmost importance. Our professional school cleaning service is dedicated to helping you achieve this objective through our meticulous contract cleaning.
The presence of students and adults in a shared space increases the risk of germs and bacteria transmission. By prioritising the students' well-being, you not only enhance the quality of your educational institution but also cultivate a positive reputation as a secure and reliable place for parents to entrust their children. Maintaining clean and well-ventilated classrooms fosters heightened student productivity and enjoyment in their academic pursuits.

 One Of Our Many Happy Customers

" We're more than satisfied with Snappyclean - they provide us with a daily cleaning carried out very efficiently. The whole cleaning team were very polite & easy to deal with."

Charles Jennings

Our Results in Numbers

Snappyclean team growing

50%each year

Outstanding retention rate

92%of our clients stay with us

Customer query SLA maintained

100%of enquiries are responded to within one day


  • How much will your services cost?

    Our pricing depends on multiple factors such as frequency and duration of cleaning, services required and term length. Our prices start from £20 per hour, making us highly competitive. 

  • Do you have a cleaning checklist?

    Yes! Our cleaning checklist is built for your specific property. 

  • What payment options do you provide for clients?

    We send an invoice on the last Friday of the month and accept major debit/credit cards. Alternatively, we can set up a direct debit if you prefer.

  • What if something gets damaged?

    As part of our onboarding procedure, we provide precise Risk assessment and Workplace Accident/Incident forms. We will conduct a thorough investigation in the worst case something gets damaged or broken. 

  • Do you provide no commitment services?

    Of course, one of the options we provide is a no contract necessary plan.

  • How does the process work?

    Our consultants will be in touch to arrange an in-person walkthrough, after that, we'll send a quote via email and we can send our onboarding documents. We aim for the first clean to take place 2 weeks after accepting the quote. 

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